Box Cleva
About Us

We owe our origins to a community initiative programme of Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, which ran several highly successful pilot schemes during 2010.

Following this earlier success we commenced full operations in February 2011, funded still by Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service as well as via a number of local Authority community action grants.

We currently operate as a charitable (membership) association with our own Management Committee (Board) in full control of our operations.

Over the next few years we have the stated aim of expanding out from our exclusively Hertfordshire base, eventually operating on a national basis.

What We Do

We operate a series of 40 week (term) sessions for children aged 7 - 15.

Box Cleva is a sporting and educational youth initiative centred on the sport of amateur boxing, based on the same protocols that an amateur boxer would take whilst training, with the exception of sparring, this is an absolutely no contact initiative.

The sessions are weekly and are carried out by some of the very best trainers in the country. All coaches are fully qualified by the Amateur Boxing Association of England (ABA) and are Enhanced CRB checked, as well as holding first aid certificates.

Each session last approximately 1.5 hours and instils discipline, respect, perseverance, fair-play and fitness, within a safe and controlled environment.

Healthy Eating sessions and Drugs Awareness sessions are carried out in every programme.

Many of the children come to us by referral from their schools and other agencies. Most of these children will be having behavioural problems, playing truant and getting into trouble generally.

Our aim is to provide positive male role models.

Participants are able to take part in our award assessment - where they can achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum medals - giving them a real sense of achievement!


Below are just a very small sample of the Testimonials we have received.

“Although funding was very difficult to source, Box Cleva went from strength to strength due to the commitment of Bob Williams and the ABA boxing trainers. The children who attend have reacted in such a positive way and they now have discipline, self esteem and respect for others. Their attendance rates at school have increased and having positive male role models who interact with the children has been invaluable. ASB in these areas have also decreased which benefit the local community. A fantastic community initiative!"

Trevor "Charlie" Brown
Station Commander Dacorum and St Albans
St. Albans Community Fire Station
Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service

It is wonderful to have such an excellent resource to bring to Team Around the Child Meetings, when a Common Assessment Framework document has been raised. The majority of these meetings are based around poor behaviour management, anger issues and family breakdowns. To have the opportunity to speak about Box Cleva with the positive male role models, disciplined, respectful and structured provision, along with healthy eating and drug awareness sessions is of great importance, and has been accepted by schools as a positive action to undertake.
Parents are aware they can feedback issues of their child's behaviour, both in and out of school, to Bob, who is then able to speak with knowledge and understanding to the children as they attend their Box Cleva session. Bob works with families and schools to promote a positive and disciplined approach to problem solving. Some of the children have no positive role models, let alone males, in their lives, and Bob along with all the trainers at Box Cleva are in the, sometimes, unique position of fulfilling this role.
Thank you Bob and all the trainers, your worth is recognised and appreciated by many children, parents, carers and schools.

Joy Nicholl
School Family Worker
Children's Services

Last year at a C.S.P. meeting at Hertsmere borough council I listened to a presentation given by a local fireman called Bob Williams on a club called Box Cleva, in which local children from various ages and backgrounds go and do boxing training.
He explained that no physical contact was involved just training and that this installed discipline into them as well as venting anger. I thought what a great idea not only does it do what says above, it also keeps many children, some of whom have been in trouble, off the streets and gives them exercise and a sense of enjoyment. Not to mention the money it saves various agencies including the Police, Social Services and Health Services etc...
I am sure it will go from strength to strength and I am proud to be a part of it.

Cllr Ernie Butler
Cowley Hill ward
Hertsmereborough Council
Elstreeand Borehamwood Town Council

Box Cleva was the brain child of Watch Commander Bob Williams the aim of the initiative was to engage with local youngsters so that they experience a healthy and disciplined lifestyle by undertaking weekly training sessions with experienced and qualified instructors.
The great part of the initiative was that it involved a multi agency response involving local partners, who were involved with funding, recommendations and on going commitment. This holistic approach ensured that a community approach to Box Cleva was endorsed by agencies in the local community.
Feed back from both parents and children involved, reflected positive role models depicting core values and discipline. With the children having structure in their lives for two nights a week which for some was the first time they had been involved in such a positive event.
Box Cleva benefits all aspects of the community, Bob Williams dedication and passion are instrumental to its success this initiative and ones like it can only help to reduce antisocial behaviour and endorse community values.
Peter Hatherley

Station Commander
Training &Development Centre